The software industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds.  Everyday companies are coming out with some kind of software that is new and different. It is mind boggling! For those of us who use our computers everyday for our livelihood, software is essential for the smooth operation of our businesses.  But, everyone needs many types of software to assist with our everyday lives. I don’t know about you, but my list of passwords is endless, I have had a computer hard drive crash, and I frequently lose addresses and phone numbers. Therefore, I have added some Software and Services I found to make your life online easier. They are located here.

GoodSync – Never Lose Your Files or Pictures Again! 

We all have so much important information on our computers, tablets, iPhones, iPads, etc. and if you are like me, you never think about what happens to our files, pictures, and music if our electronics fail. Now you do not have to worry any about it anymore – with GoodSync, all of those important items will be backed up, and if the worst happens, you will still have those items!

Phone Detective – Reverse Phone Lookup:  

Find out the owner of any phone number.  This is a very helpful resource. We all get those calls, whether it is from an unknown toll free number, a number out of New York (and we may not know anyone in New York)… and they do not leave a message.  Before calling them back, use Phone Detective and see who they are. Found an odd number on your child’s cell phone… look it up! There are so many reasons why this is a great service!

RoboForm – The Best Username and Password Manager Ever!

We all use so many usernames and passwords…how do we keep up? More importantly, how do we keep them safe, and even more important, how do we remember them without using the same ones? With RoboForm – that’s how! Be able to go anywhere online without ever worrying about remembering your usernames, passwords, or even where to go.