Do you speak a second language? Many people in other countries must learn English as a second language because of their relationships with our country.  That is not a requirement in the United States, although it might be a good idea to require that children learn a second language. Recently, I read an article about learning another language that was written by Benny Lewis. He gives 12 reasons to learn a new language.

Speaking a Second Language Will:

  • Open Up a World of Job Opportunities
    • There are many jobs these days that require knowing a second language.
  • Give Your Brain a Boost
    • Studies show that learning a new language helps prevent age-related cognitive decline.
  • Establish Deep Connections and Cross-Cultural Friendships
    • Vacationing in another country will be better if you can speak the language of the people you encounter.
  • Get an Outsider’s Perspective about Your Own Culture
    • Again, if you are in another country, you can speak to the people there to find out what the viewpoint is regarding the USA.
  • Become More Interesting and Meet More Interesting People
  • Stay Smart in Touristed Areas
    • If you speak the language, you will be able to stay where the “natives” stay.
  • Become a Better Learner
    • The more you learn, the easier it is to learn. I am a firm believe that you should learn at least one new thing everyday!
  • Conquer Your Fear of “Looking Stupid”
  • Bring Out Your Inner Mr Spock
    • Think logically!
  • Enjoy Works of Art in their Original Language
    • Foreign films – no long need to read the subtitles
  • No More Paying the Sticker Price
    • Haggle in the vendor’s language!
  • Discover You Can Do It!
    • Take pride in the fact that you can learn a second language.

Below you are going to see access to several different languages.  Learning a new language has never been as easy as it is following the proven programs below.  Please check them out, and share with your friends and family so we can spread the learning around the globe:

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