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Games of all types are a great part of our lives and how we entertain ourselves.  The graphics and player experiences are only increasing and growing more and more vivid and real.  The days of pong have only progressed to days where what you see on your screens is truly incredible.


A History of Mobile Games From Wikipedia:  

In the early 2000’s (decade), mobile games had gained mainstream popularity in Japanese mobile phone culture. By 2003, a wide variety of mobile games were available on Japanese phones. They ranged from puzzle games to 3D games with quality graphics. Older arcade-style games became very popular on mobile phones, which were an ideal platform for arcade-style games designed for shorter play sessions.

Mobile gaming interest was raised when Nokia launched its N-Gage phone and handheld gaming platform in 2003. Meanwhile, many game developers had noticed that more advanced phones had color screens and enough memory and processing power to do reasonable gaming. Mobile phone gaming revenues passed 1 billion dollars in 2003, and passed 5 billion dollars in 2007, accounting for a quarter of all videogaming software revenues. Also, more advanced phones came to the market which strongly added to the appeal of mobile phone gaming.

Due to the debut of app stores, plus the low-cost retail price of downloadable phone apps, games available on smartphones increasingly rival the video game console market. Independent small developers are entering the game market en masse by creating mobile games with the hope they will gain popularity with smartphone gaming enthusiasts.

Deep Sea Gold Rush: 

I have found yet another amazing game.  This is great for anyone using iOS or Android. This is a very addictive and fun game.  You can win real actual prizes.  You can also earn real money.  This is something you should play and try out.  Great social interaction with your friends.  Incredible Competition is here, and you can beat your own record, and compete for real prizes if you want!  Start your Own Deep Sea Gold Rush Here:

Dynasty’s World Of Warcraft Addon:

Improve your GAME, Improve your Wealth in Game!  The game is so popular it has a following in the millions.  It even has a Movie!  If you are playing this game, you need to have this Add-on. So, get the information and get playing to a better level.  There is no stopping it… if you are hooked, then you need this addon.

Eggies – Tournament Play: games

Play one of the most addictive Mobile Games on iOS, Android and Facebook.  You can play for free, and get real prizes sent to you door.  See how fun this game is here:

Frozen Treat Frenzy:  games

This is a fun game that sure makes your brain think, and gets addictive as you line up frozen treats to get more and more points and gain new levels. Like to compete or play with friends to see who can do better?  Then join in the Tournament Play and win actual prizes!  This game is super fun and super rewarding.  See and get started here:

Game Loot Network:games

Fun and amazing mobile app games for you to enjoy.  It is available in your Apple Store and Google Play Store:  But sign up first – so you can have an account to play from!  This Gaming App Network is launching new games all the time.  And the token play is incredible allowing you to be able to win actual prizes.  This is becoming the iTUNES of Mobile Game Apps. GO HERE TO GET Started!

Steampunk Nautical Journey:games 

Get ready for more Deep Sea adventure as you navigate a Steampunk Diving Vessel in the great deep depths of the Ocean. Encounter Mines, Gold Coins and other Steampunk Creatures. There is Tournament Play where you can use your skills to win actual Prizes – that get mailed right to your door.  See the Nautical Fun Here:

Toys and Games 

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Video Games:

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