The History of Fiction

It is not really know when people first started to tell fiction stories. But, it is known that in Biblical times the people told stories or parables to teach a lesson to other people or children. As families grouped with other families and formed clans, the storyteller, who was good at telling heroic events or other important events of the tribe began to be respected and powerful. Other members of the clan found them interesting and listened to them.

During the middle ages, fiction started gaining popularity. Shakespeare wrote plays that often displayed tragedy and love. These plays were very popular among the people of that time.

The main reason that stories were not written down is that paper wasn’t invented yet or it was very sparse. The printing press then made the production of books faster, and made books more accessible to the public. In 1812, the Grimm brothers introduced fairy tales. These brought the idea that something mythical and magical is in the world. The Grimm brothers set a trend, and many people started writing fairy tales such as Carlo Collodi, and Hans Christian Anderson. These tales would shape the world and stay classics even to this day.

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