Difficult Children?

I have found a new site that has impressed me so much with all of the available information to help parents, and even grandparents! The site offers tips on various problems that we have with children. I don’t know about you, but when my children were growing up, I did a lot of “negotiation” and “counting to 3” to get my son to behave. After reviewing this site, I found that there are much better ways to get good behavioral accomplished, and all without being a “yeller”, which is something that I also did quite a bit over the years!

Amy McCready created all of this information, she has impressive credentials, and best of all, she has been there when she was raising her children. She is a reformed “yeller” and can show you how to make changes in your household and have well behaved, well adjusted children. Please go to my Families and Parenting category on the left to see more information about Amy and her site.