A Delicious, Monthly Craft Jerky Club

I love jerky! When I started eating jerky, it was just plain dried meat. Now days, you can get it in all types of different flavors, for instance, hot and spicy, or sweet barbecue.  Myself, I prefer the spicy flavors, but I like anything spicy. Jerky has been made forever, before people had refrigeration.

History of Jerky

Jerky is a form of meat preservation in which fresh meat is dried to prevent it from spoiling. The word “jerky” comes from a South American native tribe called the Quechua, originally part of the ancient Inca empire, as early as 1550. They called it ch’arki, which means “to burn (meat)”. The Quechua used meat from the alpaca and llamas that was boned and defatted, cut into slices and pounded thin, and rubbed with salt. The meat was then sun dried or smoked over a fire.

The Spanish Conquistadors picked up on this and eventually named it Charqui. When they invaded the Americas they saw that the natives of North America were drying meat from buffalo, elk, and deer as well. It did not take long before the natives adopted the Spanish term, Charqui, only adding their accent and the word “jerky” was born. This method of preserving meats enabled people to consume high protein fuel that was readily available and eat it when food was scarce. Jerky became a staple foodstuff for early American pioneers and cowboys. Over the years people discovered that the meat could be made more palatable by the addition of various spices, consuming it for its taste rather than out of necessity. Many flavors, styles, and different types of meats have been prepared as jerky and is it is now one of the world’s leading snacks.

Contrary to popular belief, beef jerky is actually a healthy snack. It is an excellent source of protein, low in fat and calories, and has minimal carbohydrates per serving. It is a no mess snack, great for lunches, after school snacks, traveling and camping. Jerky also has a long shelf life, which makes it perfect for family preparedness kits.

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What is Jerky Snob?

Jerky Snob is a subscription-based service that sends healthy and delicious monthly shipments of great jerky made by independent and small batch producers.  They are continually searching for great jerky so you don’t have to.  Let them do the hard work for you so you can enjoy a great variety of artisan jerky delivered to your home or office.  Don’t delay and become a jerky snob today!

How They Got Started

Jerky Snob started because of disappointment with the quality of jerky that you find in your local grocery stores or gas stations. They all seemed to taste the same and had too many preservatives added so they could stay on the shelf for a long time. They looked for high quality jerky and found it difficult to locate, as well as, expensive to ship if one wants a variety from multiple companies.

Jerky is a great snack in between meals, a camping and hiking necessity, or sporting event snack. They found that they were not alone in the quest for a great snack high in protein and preservative free. When friends noticed that the founder was eating brands of jerky they had never heard of and after repeated requests to get them some too, Jerky Snob was born.

Their Mission

The mission at Jerky Snob is to find the best quality jerky made around the country. Great jerky made without all of the unnecessary ingredients like nitrites, nitrates, MSG, and high fructose corn syrup. They select only the highest quality jerky made with ingredients you will love. Eliminating the search and guesswork for you, it is easy for you to get a variety of delicious jerky you can enjoy. Don’t settle for jerky that you’ll find in truck stops, gas stations and grocery stores. Come join them on the journey for delicious jerky and soon you will be a Jerky Snob too!

How it Works

Step 1

  • How much can you handle?
  • Half pound or One pound?

Step 2

  • Choose Month to Month
  • Or prepay for up to 12 months!

Step 3

  • The best jerky delivered every month!

When you sign up with Jerky Snob, every month you will receive a box of carefully selected premium jerky. Don’t settle for mass produced jerky that you can buy in stores.  Your family or your office will look forward to getting the delivery and getting to try new flavors.  You will become a Jerky Snob too!




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