Dealflicks- Discounts on Movies/Concession

Movie ticket deals up to 60% off!    

I love to go and see movies at the movie theater!  Huge screen, comfy seats, and a huge bucket of buttered popcorn and I am one happy camper!  But, my family and I did not go to the movie theater very often because it is too expensive pay for tickets and then hit the concession stand for that popcorn, candy, and of course, drinks to wash it all down! Then we discovered Dealflicks and once again, movie going has become one of our favorite outings!

How do they do it?

Dealflicks contines to innovate with ticketing technology and marketing services for exhibitors over the past year. The Dealflicks Android app became the first ticketing and entertainment app to integrate Android Pay in fall 2015 and was selected and featured at Android Pay’s initial release. Android Pay allows users to check out with one simple tap, without entering their credit card details.

Dealflicks further refined its inventory and pricing system to allow further customization and cutting-edge, dynamic pricing abilities for their theatre partners.

Dealflicks is the number-one movie ticket deal app, offering movie tickets and concessions deals with no convenience fees in over 6,000 screens across the U.S. Movie theatres gain meaningful, incremental revenue through Dealflicks’ dynamic pricing and inventory platform, getting butts in empty seats that would have gone unsold. Dealflicks has now sold over one million tickets and concessions since its launch in July 2012.                            

Dealflicks was launched on July 13, 2012, and they are growing rapidly.  If there is a theater near you that does not participate in Dealflicks, please encourage them to join! Dealflicks partners directly with over 750 movie theaters nationwide to help them fill their empty seats (currently over 88% are empty on average). They negotiate with theaters to bring you amazing deals on tickets, popcorn, and soda.

The theaters love Dealflicks because they do not charge them any signup or ongoing fees to market their venue. And, Dealflicks customers love them because Dealflicks offers the best movie ticket deals 24/7/365.

See What all the Buzz is About

There’s a reason why theaters across the country love Dealflicks more than the other comparable alternatives.

Dealflicks Daily Deals Discounted Gift Certificates
Cost to Theater 20% of revenue 40-50% of revenue 20% of revenue
Customer Discount You Choose 50% off 25-35% off
Specific Showtimes Yes No No
Specific Movies Yes No No
Specific Dates Yes No No
Inventory Controls Yes No No
Yes No No
Vouchers Expire After Showtime Never Never
Simple Logistical
Yes Yes Yes

What others are saying.

Hear from other exhibitioners about why they’re signing up.

“Since launching, we’ve seen a steady flow of new customers coming to our theater. Dealflicks has helped us reach a totally new demographic. We recommend other theaters give them a try.”

Judy Kim, Owner
Gardena Cinema

“The concept is simple. The idea is to bring people into our theater that don’t go to the movies and have them try it out. We’re hoping to sell seats that normally would not be sold.”

George Gohl, General Manager
Greenfield Garden Cinemas

  Who else is doing it?

Some of the Dealflicks theater partners include Carmike Cinemas, Bow Tie Cinemas, B&B Theatres, Emagine           Entertainment, Camera Cinemas, UltraStar Cinemas, Edge Theaters, Spotlight Theatres, Reel Cinemas, State Theatres, and more.